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General Dry Cleaning

Is all dry cleaning done on site?

Yes, all dry cleaning and laundry is done in house in the same shop you leave it at. The only exceptions to this are the large area rugs and leather items that are cleaned in a specialized facility with ample space and equipment made specifically for those items. We do not send out your items for general dry cleaning or laundry to another shop for cleaning. This allows us to give you a better overall experience in customer service and cleaning of your items.

How long does the cleaning take?

In regards to turnaround time, we can do quick, same day service (returned by 4:00 PM) if given to us before 9:00 AM. The actual cleaning time in our dry cleaning machines can be completed in as little as 60 minutes. The limit to our capacity to clean, however, comes when we do not have enough items to meet our minimum load requirements. This is roughly 20 lbs of clothes of a particular color (lights or darks) and is still dependent on availability of our order processing staff. Due to this, we may or may not be able to process orders after the cutoff time for same day service on any given day.

Are women's shirts more expensive to clean?

The answer depends on the specific item. We do not charge more for an item on the sole basis that it belongs to a woman or because a woman brings the item in. We charge an item based on the work that goes in to processing it. Equipment manufacturers try to create machines that standardize the pressing of specific types of garments. Unfortunately, there is no machine that can account for the differences in the shape, fabrics, seam lines, and other intricacies found in women's shirts. As a result, they have to be pressed by hand if they cannot be pressed on the men's shirt machine. In the case that we do find that a woman's shirt is identical to a man's shirt pressed on our shirt machine, we would charge the same rate of $1.85, same as a man's shirt. If the item requires hand pressing, we would charge $5.05 for the item. This applies to men's shirts as well: if the item cannot be pressed on the main shirt machine for any reason (delicate fabric, unique styling, buttons cannot be easily replaced, etc...), then the pricing would reflect that. The pricing, at the end of the day, returns to the basis of how the pressing is completed on the item: either on the standard shirt press ($1.85) or pressed by hand ($5.05).

What do you mean by eco-friendly?

Our cleaning solvent is Hyrdocarbon. This is an alternative solvent to Perchloroethylene, which is currently considered a possible carcinogen by the EPA and used by the majority of other cleaners due to its lower cost. Our state-of-the-art Hydrocarbon machines are efficient in eliminating excess waste and potential pollution in comparison to the other guy's Perc machines. The solvent we use is an odorless and colorless liquid closely resembling water in visual properties. The differences come in the chemical makeup of the liquid and the ability to clean garments while reducing the risk of damage that comes with traditional cleaning with water (i.e. fading, shrinking, and texture change). In addition, our detergents, spotting chemicals, and materials used throughout the cleaning and packaging process are sourced from biodegradable materials or are from post-consumer recycled materials.

What happens if you lose or damage an item?

Our philosophy has always been to follow the golden rule. To treat others the same way you would like to be treated. As such, you have our guarantee that we will be fair with you in handling cases of unfortunate events that resulted in the loss or damage of an item. In the case of damaged or lost items, we will start by refunding both the cleaning of the item and work with you to replace or compensate you for your item. If you have a question about a particular item you may be concerned about, please contact us at 770) 623-6977.

Pickup & Delivery

Do I have to be home for you to pick up or deliver?

No, there is no need to have someone home to wait for our driver to pick up and deliver. Orders may be left out for us to take at the location of your choosing (front door, side door, garage, etc...) and will be left for you in the same place when the order is delivered.

Can you pick up and deliver to gated communities?

Yes, we can service homes in gated communities. Chances are high that we already pick up and deliver to your community but we will inform you if we require any action from you. In these cases, we may ask you to add us to your guest registry and we will also apply for a service provider pass to streamline future visits.

What if I don't require pickup and delivery that often?

No worries. We can still pick up and deliver for you on a "by-request" basis. There is no need to sign up again each time you need service. Simply call us at 770) 623-6977 or email to request service based on the info you provided the first time you needed service.

Do I need to leave a tip for the driver?

No tip is necessary when using our services. If you wish to show your gratitude for the service, we would be ecstatic if you could tell your friends and family about us. To us, the opportunity to serve your friends and family with the same outstanding service is more than appreciated.

What if my order is not complete before the next delivery day?

In some cases, we will decide to keep an item for further processing past the normal turnaround time of 3 business days. This may the case for items in need of repairs or extra stain removal. Items kept will be delivered at the earliest following service day on your route schedule.

Can I get same day or rushed service picked up and delivered to me?

In most cases, unfortunately, we do not deliver orders placed the same day. This is to best provide you with the highest quality services we can as well as order processing limitations. Most orders placed for same day service are not completed until the end of the day (when our deliveries for that day have already been completed).

What if I need something back ASAP or before the next delivery day?

If you need anything completed before the standard schedule, you still have the option of coming into the store directly. We offer same day cleaning on most orders if brought in before 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday. This excludes items that need to be sent out such as alterations or leather that require extra time.

How do I pay for my orders?

We offer a variety of methods of payment depending on your needs. For clients in need of home or office delivery, we can save credit card information on a secure server to be billed monthly (on the last day of the month) for the cumulative total that same month. Invoices are available on each order when delivered and extra copies are available upon request. For corporate clients, we offer in-person and email invoicing delivery to accommodate your account payable department. To request invoices or questions about a recent charge made to your account, call us at 770) 623-6977 or email during regular business hours; Mon - Fri: 7AM to 7PM and Sat: 8AM to 6PM.

How much does this service cost?

We don't charge anything extra to pick up and deliver your orders. You only pay for the items you need serviced - same prices as a customer who walks into our physical store location. For a basic price list, please visit

Is the cleaning quality the same? Can I still request special instructions?

Yes to both questions. We process your orders with the same care and thought that goes into all orders that enter our store - delivery or not. Special requests may be left as notes along with your order or you may call us at 770) 623-6977 or email to inform us of your special request after leaving it out for delivery. We will save any special requests in our system for future items of the same type.

Is there a minimum amount required?

There is no minimum. One item or a hundred, we will pick up what you have. We never charge an extra fee to pick up or deliver regardless of amount of work given. We do ask, however, that if you do not require pickup frequently, that you please call us when you need a pickup done. This is to ensure we do not remove you from our delivery list for inactivity.

Can I get service outside of my assigned days?

Possibly. We can pick up and deliver orders for our customers outside of their normal routes if our schedule and availability allow it. Call us at 770) 623-6977 or email to let us know if you require service outside of our normal schedule.

Why don't you pick up and deliver to apartments?

We rely on leaving orders at the front door of homes, even when nobody is home, to ensure timely delivery and fulfillment of orders. To guarantee delivery of orders, we chose to suspend delivery to apartments unless someone is home to deliver during our scheduled route. For help setting up delivery to an apartment, please call at 770) 623-6977 or email


What kind of alterations can you do?

Our seamstress has over 20 years of experience in handling all kinds of alterations including shortening items (hemming) , tapering seams, resizing (waist and other seams), repairs, and more. If you have a specific question about an item, please call us at 770) 623-6977.

Who will help me with the fitting or pinning of the item?

Our experienced front counter staff is always available (during business hours) to help with any alteration fitting or marking needs necessary for the alteration. This includes marking pants to formal dresses and suit alterations and most everything in between.

How quickly can alterations be completed?

Since our seamstress only comes once a day, alterations are not qualified for same day service. The earliest we can return an alteration would depend on when you can bring it by and what other services it will need. If you bring the item before our seamstress picks up for the day, then we are able to have it ready for you by the evening of the next business day (Mon - Sat). If you require the item to be cleaned and pressed (add cleaning charge) then we can have it ready after one more day in addition to the alteration turnaround time. Orders may take longer if they are reliant on purchasing necessary materials (i.e. zippers, fabric, etc...) or are more labor intensive than standard alterations (i.e. large or complex requests).

When is the  seamstress available?

Our seamstress comes every day we are open (Mon - Sat) to pick up and drop off her completed alterations. She comes into the store for about 5 minutes to discuss alterations and she completes the alteration from her home workspace. If you wish to see her in person, we may schedule a meeting to have her come in at a specified time. Call us at 770) 623-6977 to schedule a meeting.